Are you looking for a used catamaran or trimaran ... or would you like to offer your ship via our website ...
Jan de Boer Catamarans has a regularly changing range of used catamarans and Corsair trimarans.

The multihulls we offer are inspected in advance, so we can be sure that we offer you a ship of which the history and state of maintenance is known to us.

An independent inspection of the vessel by a sworn and qualified inspector is essential.

Working method at purchase :

Every catamaran or trimaran we offer is extensively documented:

  • with pictures of the interior and exterior
  • description and specifications of the vessel, equipment (e.g. sail wardrobe, navigation equipment)
  • CE documents stating the HIN code
  • Invoices of the vessel with provided options
  • VAT status (proof of VAT payment and/or VAT declaration by Customs)
  • JdBC can advise you regarding an independent technical purchase inspection of the vessel

Working method for sales:

  • The owner of the multihull to be sold has agreed with Jan de Boer Catamarans (JdBC ) to sell their vessel.
  • On request, JdBC will send extensive information and documentation to interested buyers and will accompany interested parties during viewing of the vessel.

If agreement is reached on the purchase/sale of the relevant vessel, JdBC will draw up an agreement with all relevant documents of the vessel, which will be signed by the buyer and the seller.

When you are looking for a well-maintained, used catamaran or trimaran, have a look at the ships we currently offer on our website.

If you would like more detailed information, please contact us via the contact form.




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