Privilège Marine

The shipyard:

Privilège Marine is based in Les Sables d'Olonnes (near Nantes) and has been building the famous Privilège cruising catamarans since 1985.                                                       

The Privilège catamarans are distinguished by their innovative designs, excellent sailing performance and high level of finishing, long-term cooperation with Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group and a team of highly qualified craftsmen in the field of polyester processing, interior construction and technical installation.

Since 1985, Privilège Marine has introduced many new designs and built hundreds of catamarans, of which more than 60 catamarans in the range between 18 - 23 meters. This means that the shipyard has acquired an important position worldwide in the top segment of cruising catamarans.

The many years of cooperation between the Privilège shipyard and Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group and Frank Darnet as interior architect, has resulted in a special harmony between design and space of the Privilège catamarans.

A unique feature is that there are ample opportunities to arrange the beautifully finished interior according to your own wishes and to determine the materials and equipment to be used. 

The philosophy of the shipyard always remains that the catamarans are built to be exceptionally comfortable and safe when enjoying long sea voyages, even in less beautiful weather conditions.

At Privilège Marine, all catamarans are built under the strict quality certification of Bureau Veritas, which guarantees optimal quality and safety and therefore all Privilège catamaran models come with a 5 year guarantee on hulls and construction.



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